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       J. van de Wetering is an independent maritime services consultancy operating since April 1, 2008 . The description 'maritime services' indicates that I deliver services in the maritime sector. This may range from coordination of work to actually getting my hands dirty.

       So far, I have accepted assignments both in The Netherlands and abroad. For an overview, please click to the references page. On this page you will find the jobs I have done while being on a company`s payroll, as well as for J. van de Wetering Maritime Services. Some of the site is still in Dutch as most of my clients so far have been Dutch, but the site is currently being translated. If you are interested in more details about what J. van de Wetering Maritime Services can do for you, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone. Contact data can be found on the contact page. Under the "Agenda" button you can see, if and where I am currently working and what my plans are for the near future. I strive to keep my agenda page up to date.

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About J. van de Wetering Maritime Services

As J. van de Wetering I have executed a large number of assignments in and outside The Netherlands, many of them being longer term projects. So far all assignments were executed to full satisfaction of my clients. I work accurately and I will not stop before the job is done. My strength lies in the ability to form a team. Usually after a short time, people are happy to work with and for me. It is my firm belief that forming a team of people in this manner, with the same aim (completing the project), results in a better ship. I am used to working with people of all sorts of nationalities, European and Asian alike.

I may be hired for a variety of jobs, independently or as part of a team (refer to activities for more information).

For more information, you may also contact me.


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